Our Story

How it all started

Welcome to Andrew Footwear, brought to Aotearoa by Ed Leenders, an outdoor enthusiast and seasoned footwear supplier with over 20 years of experience in serving New Zealand farmers, hunters and businesses. Ed’s journey with Andrew Footwear began from a simple yet crucial observation – the need for durable and robust outdoor footwear in primary industries such as farming, forestry, as well hunting.

Collaborating closely with the esteemed Italian manufacturer of Andrew Footwear, Ed’s vision took shape: to create boots that stand strong against New Zealand’s rugged conditions. The result? A collection of boots designed to be the strongest companions for those who work tirelessly in the high country and/or other challenging conditions and terrain.

“We know that farmers, foresters and hunters need footwear that goes beyond just durability – it’s about comfort and longevity,” shares Ed. “Our boots are crafted to endure the toughest conditions without compromising on comfort.”

With a keen understanding of the factors leading to boot deterioration, Andrew boots utilize design technologies and high-quality materials to combat these challenges Every pair is a testament to our commitment to providing footwear that lasts, allowing you to get on with your day without worrying about your footwear.

Ed Leenders, Bene Footwear Director in camp holding a rifle
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Italian-crafted for New Zealand's rugged terrain, built to outlast with superior materials and specialised soles for tough farming conditions.


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Andrew's Class 3 safety boots: crafted for New Zealand's tough forestry. Italian-made for durability, they offer enhanced safety features and lasting quality.


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Tailored for New Zealand's rugged terrain. Our hunting range suits avid hunters, handcrafted in Italy for durability in New Zealand conditions, ensuring years of use.


Crafting Excellence for New Zealand

Boot leather being hand cut for boot pattern

Working with Andrew Footwear owners Giuseppe and Cinzia and their team of craftsmen, a range of boots was designed specifically for New Zealand conditions. These particular styles have a boxed rubber midsole which is sealed and protected from livestock waste chemicals and will, when looked after, last much longer than common PU midsoles.

Ed says his priority is to supply the best quality products and look after customers’ needs. “We are a genuine New Zealand family-owned business and it’s important to us that we do right by our customers.”

Andrew boots come with a 12-month warranty. “We give top service and stand behind our products to last and deliver,” says Ed.

And as an avid New Zealand hunter for over three decades, Ed knows that quality is important. Ed loves the outdoors and tests Andrew boots on long hunting trips in the North and South Islands when he’s able to take a break from work.