boot care

if you look after your boots, they’ll look after you

Consider these straightforward yet essential tips to maximize the overall performance and longevity of your footwear, ensuring an optimal experience in every step.

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Regularly wash all the dirt off with clean water and a brush. Use a soft brush so that you don’t damage the leather or other materials on the upper. Animal manure/urine especially damages footwear, being harmful to the leather upper, stitching and sole, especially the midsole on some models, therefore regular cleaning is essential.

After cleaning, your footwear also needs to be dried. Footwear that’s constantly wet will likely have a negative effect on your foot health and also reduces the longevity of your shoes/boots.


It is essential to dry your boots gently. Rapid drying through excessive heat will likely result in damage through shrinkage, deformation or damage to the upper, membrane and/or sole. This often results in premature failure and a reduced life span. The best practice is to dry them gently, ideally by using a convection style boot dryer as these are both gentle and very effective. Store them dry and away from direct sunlight.


After your footwear is clean and dry, it is also important to care for the leather. The leather upper is your footwear’s first line of defence and will assist the membrane to perform at its best. It is important to ensure the leather is well cared for. Leather is naturally porous and therefore also breathable but needs to be cared for by applying or ‘feeding’ with suitable conditioners. Suitable being products that condition, waterproof yet also retain the leather’s ability to breathe. Premium quality membranes serve to keep feet dry, by keeping water out and dissipating perspiration. – this whole sentence could be made redundant given the following information.

We recommend you select a conditioner that:

  1. Conditions and feeds the leather.
  2. Provides waterproofing.
  3. Allows leather to breath.
  4. Is easy to apply.

Failure to condition the leather will result in it becoming dry, hardening, cracking, splitting, deforming and ultimately causes failure. Avoid overly viscous or stodgy waxes that provide a complete seal, as this adversely affects the breathable characteristic of leather, and will eventually compromise the waterproofing of the boot.

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