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The New Zealand Andrew range comprises benchmark quality footwear that’s engineered to last and perform for farming, forestry and hunting in New Zealand.

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Hand-crafted individually by artisan manufacturers

Andrew boots are designed specifically to meet New Zealand’s extreme weather and challenging conditions and are recognised for their strength and longevity. These boots are hand made in Italy by a team of skilled craftsmen with a focus on strength and quality, featuring the time honoured tradition of Norwegian welted last.

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Footwear that’s engineered to perform, to last and to meet the rigours of farming.

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Andrew's Class 3 safety boots: crafted for New Zealand's tough forestry. Italian-made for durability, they offer enhanced safety features and lasting quality.

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Tailored for New Zealand's rugged terrain. Our hunting range suits avid hunters, handcrafted in Italy for durability in New Zealand conditions, ensuring years of use.

designed to withstand New Zealand’s rugged conditions

Andrew boots are crafted for the demanding environments of New Zealand’s high country, perfect for those who need durable footwear for work or play in rugged outdoor settings like farming, forestry, or hunting.

Quality & Durability

A keen outdoorsman and hunter himself, co-owner of Bene Footwear, Ed Leenders, developed boots that performed and lasted in Primary Industry sectors, especially for farmers and foresters that have very specific requirements, wanting a boot that would last and also be comfortable to wear all day, every day. 

Andrew boots last so users don’t have to constantly keep purchasing new boots, and our safety versions also meet the highest safety standards for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Long-Lasting Boots for Extreme Conditions

Our users wear their boots all day in extreme wet or dry, rugged, and difficult conditions. They need a quality tool for the job, a boot that is comfortable and will look after their feet. It’s a safety issue.

Included in Andrew Footwear safety and work boots is its range of Class 3 Chainsaw safety boots, with the highest level of cut, crush and anti-penetration resistance protection available for forestry and wood cutting conditions.

Andrew footwear outlasts other boots because they are hand-crafted using the highest quality materials. The uppers are hard-wearing high-quality full grain or suede leathers, some with an adjustable tongue for comfort, while the soles are constructed for durability and feature arch support, maximum stability, and a variety of rigidity flex. Some also have optional sole spikes.

We are proud to offer this range of quality long-lasting boots specifically made for New Zealand outdoor conditions that support those working in our agricultural and forestry industries to do their jobs well.

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Beautifully Handcrafted

Exemplifying unrivalled craftsmanship: Andrew boots are meticulously handcrafted in Italy, ensuring excellence in every stitch and detail.

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Superior Durability

Built to endure: Andrew boots boast superior durability, crafted with the finest materials to withstand New Zealand’s rugged terrain and demanding conditions.

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Unmatched Quality

.Experience unparalleled quality: Andrew boots stand as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, delivering comfort, safety, and longevity in every pair

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